Service for expatriates in Spanish, French and English: search for rental housing and administrative procedures

MADRIDEM is dedicated to installing foreigners transferred to Madrid to live for a few months or a few years to work, occupy a diplomatic position or for personal projects. We take care of searching and finding the home you want. For MADRIDEM, speed and quality are the main premises. Although the trip is close in time, we assure you a new home when you arrive in the city, close to your office, your children’s school or in your favorite neighborhood.

But we can also help you with the essential administrative procedures to live in Spain:

Other services also available from MADRIDEM: moving, school search, home insurance, vehicles and service to leave Spain (all the necessary procedures when you leave the country).

We want you to enjoy your new job and your family as soon as you arrive in town. MADRIDEM assures him as soon as he settles in a new life ‘a la español‘ speaking the same language.